How to make passive income on Audible. A comprehensive guide 2023.

In today’s fast-paced digital age, the pursuit of additional income streams has transformed. Passive income, the art of earning while you sleep, now beckons. While traditional options like investments and real estate may cross your mind, the realm of audiobooks offers a unique and burgeoning opportunity. Welcome to “Passive Income on Audible,” where your financial future takes center stage.

In this guide we will talk about how to make passive income on audible. but before diving into this let’s first explore what is audible?

What is Audible?

what is audible?
How to make passive income on Audible. A comprehensive guide 2023. 2

Hey there, check out Audible! It’s this awesome digital place where you can grab audiobooks, shows, and cool podcasts. You can buy, stream, or download audiobooks – they’re like books but someone tells them to you. And guess what? You can subscribe and get some monthly audiobook goodies. Audible is Amazon’s baby, and it works on your phones, tablets, and computer.

Now let’s dive into on how to make passive income on Audible. let’s go.

How to make passive income on Audible

how to make passive income on audible
How to make passive income on Audible. A comprehensive guide 2023. 3

Here are the points or strategies to make passive income on audible.

1. Self-Publishing Audiobooks:

Welcome to the digital age, where self-publishing is the name of the game for authors. And guess what? Audiobooks are in on the action! They let authors bring their stories to life through sound, reaching a huge crowd of eager listeners.

Check this out, on platforms like Audible, authors can slap their audiobooks up for grabs, reaching tons of potential buyers. And here’s the kicker – with each sale, authors score royalties, turning this into a sweet deal for passive income. But guess what’s even cooler? When you self-publish, you’re the boss! You get to pick the voice that makes your story pop. So, whether you’re a pro author wanting to spice up your cash flow or a newbie writer with a killer story, self-publishing audiobooks is your chance to spread the word and cash in on your writing.

2. Audio Narration Services:

If you have good voice. it a great opportunity for you to make passive income on Audible. you can offer your services as an audiobook narrator to authors and publishers. You’ll earn fees for your narration work. It’s another profitable way to earn passive income on Audible. To become audio narrator all you need to do is create a account on ACX. Create a profile and you can start offering your talent for reading audiobooks.

Reasearch show that are around 2800 books published every day. so, you can be sure that there’s no shortage of authors who need narrators to record their audiobooks. There are wide range of books available so you can whatever book you want to narrate. To get start on the platform. create a profile and upload some sample of your work.

Narrators can make money in 3 ways:

  • pre-finished hour (PFH)
  • Royalty share
  • Royalty shares plus

3. Affiliate Marketing:

You can tap into the audiobook trend and make money through affiliate marketing. It works like this: many audiobook stores have programs where they pay you a cut for promoting their services. If you have a blog, website, or a social media following, this is a fantastic way to earn some extra cash.

You just talk about audiobooks, share your unique affiliate link, and when people use it to buy audiobooks, you get a piece of the pie. It’s a smart way to ride the audiobook wave and boost your income while doing what you love – talking about books!

4. Create Audiobook Courses or Workshops:

Hey there, ever thought about getting into audiobook courses or workshops? It’s a rad way to share your passion and knowledge. These sessions are like interactive learning adventures, where you get to teach others the art of creating and narrating audiobooks. As the instructor, you’re the cool guide, leading folks who are all hyped about the audiobook scene on an epic journey of discovery.

And here’s the best part – you can charge a fee for your courses. It’s not just about rewarding yourself for your time and know-how; it’s about giving peeps the chance to dive into the awesome world of audiobooks with an experienced mentor. This is also a great way to earn passive income on Audible.

5. Royalties from Audiobook Production:

Imagine this: you’re an integral part of the audiobook production process, and as a result, you earn royalties—a tangible reward for your hard work and dedication. These royalties are not just a mere bonus; they’re your share of the revenue generated from each audiobook sold. It’s a gesture of appreciation for your crucial role.

Whether you’re the captivating narrator, the meticulous editor, or the masterful sound engineer, your contribution doesn’t end with the audiobook’s release. It’s an ongoing source of income that acknowledges your significance in the world of audiobook production.

Now, what makes these royalties truly extraordinary is their potential for long-term passive income. As time marches on, more and more people discover and acquire audiobooks, ensuring a consistent flow of earnings for your efforts. Think of it as planting a financial seed with each project you undertake, and as the audiobooks you’ve helped create continue to enchant listeners, your financial garden flourishes, making audiobook production an exceptionally rewarding endeavor.

so, these are the strategies or point through which you can earn passive income on Audible. I hope you liked it please let me know what you think about in the comment section see you in the next blog.


So, these are the strategies or point through which you can earn passive income on Audible. I hope you liked it please let me know what you think about in the comment section see you in the next blog.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Can you make money in Audible?

    There are three ways to make money as a narrator: Per-finished-hour (PFH): Get paid a flat rate payment for the whole book. Royalty share: You split royalties 50/50 with the author or rights holder. Royalty shares plus: A combination of PFH and royalty share.

  2. How much does Audible pay narrators?

    An example of a contract narrator gig is being an audible narrator. ACX narrators earn $10 to $100 for beginners and $100 to $500 for professionals. The narrator’s pay rate depends on audiobook work, feedback, experience, and if their voice fits particular niches.

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